Monday, 18 September 2017

TEZ by GOOGLE-a payment app for you

TEZ means Fast.TEZ is an UPI based payment app which was launched by the internet giant GOOGLE in India.Frankly speaking ,As the world is becoming more digital day by day google was trying to launch in an country like India-a leading digital economy which was successfully launched with some drawbacks.

TEZ-A revolutionary payment app?

It is  an UPI protocol based payment app launched by google as one of the product of GOOGLE'S NEXT BILLION USERS project.It is similar to the other UPI based payment apps except the fact that it is developed by google.Every user of this app will be assigned with an Virtual Payment Address(VPA) which will be linked to the mobile number.By just giving the mobile number of the customer,the amount will be transfered to the account in which the mobile number is registered.

  • It can be used for online transactions , movies , bills etc
  • It makes the payment easier with mobile number and VPA
  • 😤Bye Bye to IFSC code ,Account number etc
  • It supports many regional languages in India
  • The interface is very easy.
  • Its like sharing data between two devices that are connected
  • Cash Mode helps you to pay through Nifty also
  • Security is given by TEZ SHIELD to detect fraud, authorisation, hacking issues etc
  • Security is high with UPI pin,Google pin,fingerprint etc
  • Only one time verification of the back accounts.

As the App was launched recently,i don't know much about the disadvantages but on hearing the reviews from the app users:

  • There  are some bugs in the app
  • The speed is not app to the mark
  • Failure of OTP verification
  • Unable to add the bank details etc


As an offer for the launch,
  • Rs.51 for APP REFERENCE
  • TEZ Scratch Cards for lucky winners


Vendors:Red bus,Jet airways,PVR,Dominos,etc

The daily limit of transaction is Rs.100000 and 20 transactions.

Google is taking all the necessary steps to clear all the backlogs of the app.

This app is available for Ios and Android.
                                 -Waiting for u😤