Thursday, 2 March 2017

KIK Messenger Apk Download | Download the latest version

        Are you bored of using messengers like Whats app,Line,Wechat etc and looking for something new,then go for Kik. Kik messenger is much more than a messenger where you can even search friends of your interest through the world .
        It is the updated version of all the messengers you use in your daily life.Till now you should have downloaded a number of apps for messaging,sending stickers,emoji,video call etc.But with the help of Kik you can replace all this apps with it....


                                           It the latest messenger which acts as the easiest way to connect with your friends and find friends of your kind throughout the world.It does not require phone number to connect,just the username and it is highly secured.With this you can send Pic's,Gif's,Emijo's etc.
You can even make video call without any delay in transmission and reception.It is faster and uses less data.You can have one to one chat or group chat with the best experience.
                                           Through there may be many apps this app has its own special features.It is funny and easy to use.As it works with only username no need to worry about the phone number of your friends.Even if you loose the contact details of your friend,you will be able to contact with the help of this app and you can get the details again.Since it is faster the video call is of very good quality.There is also an option to share your status every now and then.The app is very easy to use where you can add your friend just by a click.
                                           There is an chat bubble option where all your lengthy messages will be grouped together.Here you have lots and lots of stickers,smiley's,emoji's to share your feelings.If you like to have more friends and from different parts of world then this can help you.You can reduce the time in searching for your friend and increase the time in chatting.


Below are some of the features of Kik messenger which you may require:

  • No need of contact numbers to search friends
  • It is highly secured
  • It contains lots of Smiley's,Emoji's,Stickers,etc.
  • It is easy to use and contains lots of fun
  • You can share your status every now and then
  • You need only username to search your friends
  • You can find friends all over the world
  • It is faster and discover bots with + sign

KIK Messenger Apk Download:

                                  You can download the app directly from the play store or else you can download the app in Apk file through the link given below.

To download click the link below...

To download the older versions,Click the below links...



File Name       : Kik Messenger Apk

Version            :

File Size           : 39 MB

Last updated     : February 27, 2017.

Kindly download the app, as it will be very useful to you.It is one of the best rated and most downloaded app in play store.Before downloading the Apk file kindly check if you given permission to download the app from unknown source in your device to avoid the errors.Moreover check the compatibility of your device before you download the app.

Enjoy the app and share your experience with your friends.In case you have any query ,don't hesitate to contact us or else leave a comment.Download and enjoy the kick of KIK Messenger..........😉 


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