Thursday, 16 February 2017

Tapzo:All in one app


 Tapzo is a platform where 35+ different apps aggregate in one place to simplify your digital life.I think everyone has fed up of downloading and updating the apps which are essential for our day to day life.Now its time to make it simple with the help of a single app i.eTAPZO. Below are some of the apps present in Tapzo.It acts has a descent for all the other apps.It contains almost all the usefull which you need in your daily life.Once in a while you may have a bad luck take for example you are hurrying to the airport and more often you will be using cab to reach the airport.But to your bad luck your request for the cab fails and you may be searching for an alternate.i.e you can go for some other app and search for some other cab.And here comes Tapzo to help you...


This platform integrates with the best Internet players in each category and enables them to scale using their APIs.It is the most effective content distribution platform.It solves storage woes of customers and helps them from downloading multiple apps and updating them.


This app is available for PC and mobile phones.

To download Tapzo App in your android follow the below steps or even you can download directly from the links given below and enjoy the app.,

FILE NAME                  : Tapzo:Cabs,Food,Recharge
FILE SIZE                     : 12 MB
UPDATED ON              : 13-JAN-2017

ANDROID VERSION    : 4.0 And Above.
To download .click here...


  • It has 35+ apps in a single platform 
  • The RAM and the memory useage for all the apps is reduced
  • Individual update of apps is not required
  • Data useage is low
  • Everything comes in one tap
  • It integrates the best internet players

To download Tapzo App in your Android device you need to check your device compatibility like version and free space .

Tapzo Download :

Tapzo download for Android
You can download by the given link above or follow the given steps to find easy in downloading the App in your Android device without any errors.
  1. Go To-> Play Store in your device.
  2. Search for Tapzo in the search box at the top of play store.
  3. After successful result, choose the app with logo shown above.
  4. Press INSTALL to start downloading in your android device.
  5. Within a few seconds, Tapzo app successfully downloaded in your device.
  6. Choose OPEN option to start Recharge,Book cab,Food etc., from this App.
I hope you find the best App for your daily useage in your android device. I hope you too share with your friends about your experience to use this app for android. For all updates and notifications please subscribe to our blog.

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