Monday, 20 February 2017


FIRE TV is a media streamer which is used for streaming and surfing over the internet.It can also be used for playing games and watching videos in youtube,netflix etc.But it has disadvantages , as it was controlled entirely by the contents and regulations of Amazon.
                                  Upon changing the settings will end in loosing the warranty.It does not allow you to download the apps which is not provided by amazon.Upon installing them,the access is provided by means of setting which was inconvenient and slow.This was overcome by means of rooting which is not recommended.

                                               It is a tiny box which is hugely entertaining

                        It is a tiny box that is connected to your HD TV to enjoy the movies and TV shows in apps like Youtube,Netflix.You have access to all the products of amazon and over 250,000 movies and TV shows.It also supports voice control and voice recognition features.It is also provided with external storage for playing games.The android based Fire OS and the quad core processor helps in viewing your favourite movies and TV shows without buffering.Fire TV lets your mirror your phone or tablet to your TV to free you up from the small screen.Amazon Prime customers are having unlimited access to movies and TV shows.


                            It is a non root launcher that runs parallel with the default launcher and overrides the default launcher.With this you can configure your self according to your wish.It makes the Fire TV customerizable.

Apps can be sorted easily by click and drop and they can be hidden from app drawer.It is highly compatible and more useful for customerization.This is available in APK file which can be downloaded directly to your Fire TV  using ES file explorer or via your PC and mirror it.

The fire starter is loaded with some interesting features and it comes with automatic update mechanism.


  • It is customerizable and helps in managing apps.                                                                                  
  • It is loaded with auto update mechanism.                                                                                         
  • It helps in installing KODI and SPMC.                                                                                            
  • It overrides the default launcher.                                                                                                       
  • It starts with single click on home button.                                                                                                       



To download it directly to your Fire TV:-

From your home screen,select Settings.

Go to system->Developer option 

Enable both ADB debugging and App from unknown sources

Then open your ES file explorer and click on Add->Path (enter this url- )and give the name as Fire.

Download the Firestarter zip file and click Firestarter apk to install.

Go to Systems-> Settings->Applications->Managed installed applications and then launch it.

To download in PC :-

Go to Settings->Systems->Developer options,Enable both ADB debugging and the Apps from unknown sources.

Then download Firestarter APK from  here and the adb fire application from here.

After this extract the file and save it.Then mirror it to Fire TV.

I hope you have found the right app to overcome the drawbacks of FIRE TV.Kindly share your experience of using this app with your friends.In case of any query, don't hesitate to contact our blog.

Now as  a latest update for you, Amazon has launched PRIME INSTANT VIDEO, which can be experienced using FIRESTARTER stick......