Saturday, 18 February 2017

DUOLINGO APP:For Foreign language

Are you interested in learning any of your favourite foreign language.Do you want to make all your breaks productive,then go for Duolingo....


                         Are you spending some thousands of rupees for learning foreign language.Don't worry....!
Duolingo is a free language learning platform,which offers all its foreign language courses for free.There are 68 different language courses in 23 languages with 22 additional development courses.
Learning is the only process that is never ending and has no age limits.Are you tired of searching a correct place for learning foreign language or worried about the class timings. Duolingo gives you the solution for this.

are available for you with free of cost.This app helps you to learn from the scratch.There are different levels such as beginner,intermediate and expert.It has launched an online language certification platform which cost around some dollars for your certification.The certification takes place with the help of test which are proctored through microphone and camera.This app also includes audio ,which helps you in spelling the word correctly.You level is ranked based on the XP you earn each time .You will also be subscribed to emails from where you will get your daily updates.You will be undergoing more than 20 exercises for each topic you choose which helps you to become perfect in every topic you choose.

Are you tired of carrying big books for learning .Let's make it simple by downloading the app on your smartphone.

To here...!

This app provides a game like platform, where you can compete with your friends and others of your level.The topics which you choose includes a variety of speaking ,listening ,translation and multiple choice challenges.Moreover,see which answers you got correct instantly.When you miss a challenge ,it will show you how you lost and gives you tips to improve.You will get gradings  for each topics.At the time of test,you will be given four lives and for each wrong answer you will be loosing your life.Duolingo motivates you by recording your result and how many hours you have spent in  learning a language.It's a gamification poured in every lesson.It's a fun and addictive learning.Lessons are subdivided into many levels and you cannot complete a level without learning completely.

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Duolingo app download:

This app is available for PC and mobile phones.
You can download the directly from the above link or if you wish to download from the Playstore,follow the below steps:

FILE NAME                  : Duolingo app
FILE SIZE                     : 13.06 MB
APP VERSION              : 3.41.1 version
ANDROID VERSION    : 4.0.3 And Above.

Note:To avoid download errors,kindly check the above mentioned details in your phone
  1. Go To-> Play Store in your device.
  2. Search for Duolingo in the search box.
  3. After successful result, choose the app with the above mentioned name.
  4. Press INSTALL to start downloading in your android device.
  5. Within a few seconds, the app will be successfully downloaded in your device.
  6. Click OPEN option to start learning the language you wanted.
I hope you have found the best App for your language hunger in your android device. I hope you share this with your friends about your experience to use this app for android. For all updates and notifications please subscribe to our blog.