Monday, 18 September 2017

TEZ by GOOGLE-a payment app for you

TEZ means Fast.TEZ is an UPI based payment app which was launched by the internet giant GOOGLE in India.Frankly speaking ,As the world is becoming more digital day by day google was trying to launch in an country like India-a leading digital economy which was successfully launched with some drawbacks.

TEZ-A revolutionary payment app?

It is  an UPI protocol based payment app launched by google as one of the product of GOOGLE'S NEXT BILLION USERS project.It is similar to the other UPI based payment apps except the fact that it is developed by google.Every user of this app will be assigned with an Virtual Payment Address(VPA) which will be linked to the mobile number.By just giving the mobile number of the customer,the amount will be transfered to the account in which the mobile number is registered.

  • It can be used for online transactions , movies , bills etc
  • It makes the payment easier with mobile number and VPA
  • ๐Ÿ˜คBye Bye to IFSC code ,Account number etc
  • It supports many regional languages in India
  • The interface is very easy.
  • Its like sharing data between two devices that are connected
  • Cash Mode helps you to pay through Nifty also
  • Security is given by TEZ SHIELD to detect fraud, authorisation, hacking issues etc
  • Security is high with UPI pin,Google pin,fingerprint etc
  • Only one time verification of the back accounts.

As the App was launched recently,i don't know much about the disadvantages but on hearing the reviews from the app users:

  • There  are some bugs in the app
  • The speed is not app to the mark
  • Failure of OTP verification
  • Unable to add the bank details etc


As an offer for the launch,
  • Rs.51 for APP REFERENCE
  • TEZ Scratch Cards for lucky winners


Vendors:Red bus,Jet airways,PVR,Dominos,etc

The daily limit of transaction is Rs.100000 and 20 transactions.

Google is taking all the necessary steps to clear all the backlogs of the app.

This app is available for Ios and Android.
                                 -Waiting for u๐Ÿ˜ค


Wednesday, 28 June 2017


APPVN APK is  a third party app which provides paid games and app for you at free of cost.It can be downloaded for ios and android.Nowadays,new games and apps  are coming  daily but most of them are paid one. Eventhough you may like them, you have to buy it.You may think that why can't it be available for free!!! And you may be searching in google for free version.WHY to go and search, if APPVN is here......๐Ÿ˜Š


APPVN is a third party TAI app which is more or less similar to TUTU app which provides you apps which are paid in Apple store and Play store at free of cost.It updates its platform daily in such a way that you get all the latest  apps and games for free here.Even the most costliest app will be available for free here.It can become a trend nowadays to check for the latest apps and games and download them and use them for sometime and delete them.If it is free, then its fine but if it is paid think about it.You would have spent money to buy that and you may not like that after sometime when you can find a better one than that.You will not have mind set to delete that as you have spent money on it...Why to worry...GO FOR APPVN...๐Ÿ˜‰

  • All the latest paid apps and games are available for free
  • It is fast and less data consuming
  • The interface is very easy
  • The latest version of the apps are available here before they are officially released
  • It is compatible for ios and android 
  • It consists of app and games that are not present in Playstore.


You can easily download the APPVN app easily from the below link..

Click here to download...

APPVN is also available for Window os too.But in case of PC's you need to have emulator like BLUE STACK etc...Appvn can provide apps and games that are not found in Playstore.On viewing this app, you may be searching it in Playstore but you cannot find the latest version.

As it is a third party app, Kindly follow the below steps to install it in your device....

  • Kindly check whether you are having sufficient space in your device before downloading
  • Once you download it,it will be stored as APK file in your device.
                 Go to Settings⇒Security⇒Allow installation of app from unknown sources

  • After installing the app,give open
  • Your app is ready to use

It is a more usefull app for people who want to get the paid app for free.Kindly share the information with your friends and your experience in using this.Also comment on this.Feel free to share your views

Thursday, 15 June 2017

AMAZON PRIME INSTANT VIDEO | amazon prime video apk download

AMAZON PRIME VIDEO is becoming popular nowadays among the people around the world.Amazon Prime is a streaming platform wherein you can view all your favourite movies, TV shows and other videos in HD at a very low data usage.Amazon Prime along with fire starter can provide a better experience.Among all the famous launches of Amazon such as Prime,Fire starter,Fire TV stick etc,Prime video has also become famous among the people.
                        Though there may be many streaming apps and platforms,Amazon Prime Video is the best for its kind.In order to make the people believe in its product quality,Amazon has launched it Prime video free for a month.Where people can try it once on their own and can become a Prime member if they wish, or else they can use the trail version.But it has already taken the heart of many people.


                           Nowadays people mostly like to download the app in Apk file rather than downloading it directly from Playstore, as they can Install or delete depending on their wish.As we know that downloading directly from Playstore and Uninstalling and once again downloading and installing them may cause loss in data.But in the case of Apk file, it will be stored on your device.You can use it, whenever you want.So it is advisable to download in Apk file.In order to download the best in class Apk file, kindly click the link below.

To download, click here....

The link is error free and free from all the malwares.It consists of more than 40K movies and TV episodes for you to enjoy and more than 300K books to enjoy digitally without wasting your energy in carrying big books and wasting your precious time.With the trial pack you can enjoy only a limited services of Prime, but once you get the membership of Prime, you can experience the fullest of your choice.With the membership in Prime you can avail shipping of your ordered products within 2 days guaranteed, Firestarter, instant video etc.With prime you can get all the videos that has copyright content and videos which are paid.It's like two mangoes in a single stroke...!

To download best game hack,click here....



  • As we know that BB users have access only to amazon apps,so they can easily download this best video streaming app.
  • You can put your favourite videos in offline mode and can view it later.
  • Prime membership provides you a great entertainment by accessing bollywood and other blockbusters in amazon original series.
  • With your membership, you can avail many benefits of amazon.
  • Provides original high quality HD videos at low data useage.
  • It also provide Parental control.

                              Amazon Prime Instant Video use the latest technology and gives you the best experience possible.Recently it has reduced the price of fire starter.Kindly make use of this offer.Don't forget to download the app,if you want to have best experience.Kindly share your views about this app with your friends.In case of any query, don't hesitate to contact us...ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE....

Sunday, 2 April 2017

MOBDRO Apk latest version download | For ios,PC,Android

Mobdro is one of the top rated app for online TV,where you can watch all live tv channels for free.It includes almost all kinds of channels like News,Sports,Movies,Cartoons etc without any subscription fee.It is a free video stream for your android and other OS's.It is similar to Netflix app but one of its kind.

Mobdro online tv Apk:
                                        Mobdro searches the web almost every minute to provide best video streams for you in free of cost.With the help of this app,you can easily discover video streams from all over the world in every language all over the world.You can easily share or recommend videos to your friend in just one click.It provides an easy interface between you and your device.
                                 You can create your own bookmarks and can filter your favourite videos by language or topic with your player history in hand and organise them.You can even download your favourite videos or movies or tv shows and view them in offline mode whenever or wherever you want.The app is so simple that there is a separate button for all the option needed for you.It is a new way to enjoy the channels you like in wherever place you are.It has been uploaded by the developers every now and then.
                                It allows you to watch streaming,as streaming is the best way to get entertained in your device nowadays.It is one of the popular app for streaming app in the recent times.

Mobdro Apk download:

Though,it is the popular app in streaming it is not available in google store.You can easily download it to your device directly from this blog.Below is the link to get your app.To download

Click the link below



File size            : 24MB

Version             : 2.0.36

Android version : 4.1 and later

Kindly check the above mentioned specifications before downloading in order to avoid the errors during your download.Though there may be many versions available for download, you can always find the latest version here.This app is loved by almost all the people who prefer streaming videos with offline mode.It is highly secured and free from bugs and other related problems.It can be downloaded to your tablet also to enjoy the experience in larger screen.It is also available for ios too.
                               As it is not available in google play, you can download it here without any error.It is available even in premium version too.The free version offers the best quality but the premium version add some more features such as mirroring your screen to your smart tv etc.It is available at lowest cost for you.To get your premium version just download the free version and upgrade it to the premium version.


  • It is free from Ad's.People gets irritated when ad comes inbetween when you are watching your favourites.
  • We can download or save your favourite videos to watch in offline mode.
  • Chromecast is available to watch videos in big screen.
  • Sleep timer is available for you to set the time at which it has to turn off and vice versa.
There are some of the important points to be highlighted on this app.I hope you will enjoy this app,and request you to share your experience to your friend about this app.In case of any query don't hesitate to contact us.Thank you.


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Vidmate Apk Download | Latest version

Vidmate is an android app for downloading videos from all the websites.It provides a platform for watching full HD movies,TV series online for free.Also live TV is available.Vidmate has a huge collection of Indian,Hollywood and other international movies.It also has TV series and programs,Latest audio and music albums.You can even download the movies while you are watching it.

                            Though there may be several apps like vidmate,it is best for its kind.Vidmate helps you to download your favourite movies from any website to your device at a great speed.You can even download it while watching it.Not only that you can even watch it online and live.Nowadays we see that only jio users are able to watch live tv.But you can even watch live tv if you have vidmate on your device.

                             Vidmate with its latest technology connects with the host from your device multiple times to improve the internet speed thus increasing the downloading speed.It has a user friendly interface such that even the first time user can get used to it.It provides unlimited HD movie download for free.You can download thousands and thousands of high quality music albums for free here.

                              You can even download all the paid albums for free here.It provides 200+live TV channels for free.The buffering of the channel is very low.You may have several apps to entertain you but vidmate will be the on eof such kind.You may find it difficult to download video from youtube but vidmate makes it simple for you with just a click in it.This app is updated regularly.This app with latest version may not be available in playstore.To download it for android click the link below...

                               Vidmate app has all the rights and is highly secured.That is why it is available for blackberry os.As we all know that blackberry os is a highly secured os and the apps that are available for it are paid.But with the help of vidmate you can get it for free.Vidmate app is available in blackberry store.To get it free,click the link below....

Vidmate Apk for Blackberry

Last but not the least,vidmate is also available for Pc's and Tablets.Sometime you may not feel it comfortable to watch your favourite movie in small screen.In that case you can download it to your Pc or Tablet and enjoy.To download for PC, click the link below...

The above link is error free and secured.Kindly check the specifications before downloading to have a error free download.


File name      : Vidmate Free Video Downloader

Version          :  3.07

File size         :  5MB

Compatibility : All Android OS,iOS,Windows 7/8/10,Blackberry OS 10.2.1 and higher.

                            Kindly check the above mentioned specifications before downloading to have a error free downloading.Download the latest movies,audios,music albums etc at free of cost.With fast technology enjoy the fast download movies,music etc from Youtube,Vimeo,Dailymotion and other sites too.You can download the movie in any format according to your wish with download stability,download resume and many more options.


  • Unlimited FREE HD movie download
  • Very high quality MUSIC download with 500.000 songs in all languages
  • Video download from famous sites like Youtube,Facebook,Vimeo,Dailymotion,Metacafe,NDTV etc...
  • Advanced download technology to have a faster download along with options like multiple download,download resume,pause etc
  • Best experience in Live TV.
  • TV shows and serials...

Just download the app and enjoy the experience.In case of any query don't hesitate to contact us.Kindly share your experience with your friends about the app.Hope you will like this app. 

Thursday, 2 March 2017

KIK Messenger Apk Download | Download the latest version

        Are you bored of using messengers like Whats app,Line,Wechat etc and looking for something new,then go for Kik. Kik messenger is much more than a messenger where you can even search friends of your interest through the world .
        It is the updated version of all the messengers you use in your daily life.Till now you should have downloaded a number of apps for messaging,sending stickers,emoji,video call etc.But with the help of Kik you can replace all this apps with it....


                                           It the latest messenger which acts as the easiest way to connect with your friends and find friends of your kind throughout the world.It does not require phone number to connect,just the username and it is highly secured.With this you can send Pic's,Gif's,Emijo's etc.
You can even make video call without any delay in transmission and reception.It is faster and uses less data.You can have one to one chat or group chat with the best experience.
                                           Through there may be many apps this app has its own special features.It is funny and easy to use.As it works with only username no need to worry about the phone number of your friends.Even if you loose the contact details of your friend,you will be able to contact with the help of this app and you can get the details again.Since it is faster the video call is of very good quality.There is also an option to share your status every now and then.The app is very easy to use where you can add your friend just by a click.
                                           There is an chat bubble option where all your lengthy messages will be grouped together.Here you have lots and lots of stickers,smiley's,emoji's to share your feelings.If you like to have more friends and from different parts of world then this can help you.You can reduce the time in searching for your friend and increase the time in chatting.


Below are some of the features of Kik messenger which you may require:

  • No need of contact numbers to search friends
  • It is highly secured
  • It contains lots of Smiley's,Emoji's,Stickers,etc.
  • It is easy to use and contains lots of fun
  • You can share your status every now and then
  • You need only username to search your friends
  • You can find friends all over the world
  • It is faster and discover bots with + sign

KIK Messenger Apk Download:

                                  You can download the app directly from the play store or else you can download the app in Apk file through the link given below.

To download click the link below...

To download the older versions,Click the below links...



File Name       : Kik Messenger Apk

Version            :

File Size           : 39 MB

Last updated     : February 27, 2017.

Kindly download the app, as it will be very useful to you.It is one of the best rated and most downloaded app in play store.Before downloading the Apk file kindly check if you given permission to download the app from unknown source in your device to avoid the errors.Moreover check the compatibility of your device before you download the app.

Enjoy the app and share your experience with your friends.In case you have any query ,don't hesitate to contact us or else leave a comment.Download and enjoy the kick of KIK Messenger..........๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

SB Game Hacker Apk|Latest Version

SB Game Hacker is one of the best game hack for android and it is the most downloaded app.It helps you to hack your favourite game and clear all levels.It can almost hack all popular online games like Clash of Clan,Temple run,Hay day and lot more.SB game hack requires rooting device for older version and more over there are more rooting apps for android.In case if you want rooting app and to make your download simple,click here to download a rooting app (KING ROOT).

You may be fed up of some levels in your favourite games and you may have searched for some hacking apps.In that case this app can help you in fixing your problem.

SB Game Hacker Apk:

                                         SB Game Hack  is one of the best hack for applications and games which is available for free of cost.This tools is updated daily and uses the latest firmware.The latest version of this app does not require any rooting device.This app has options like deep search ,speed hack and multi address search which helps you crack the games quickly and easily.It has a price computer program which helps you to pause the game in between and hack the game now and then.The useage of this app solely depends on the user depending on the place,purpose and type of game in which the user uses.Before this you have to download many app for single hack,but in SB game hack you have all the hack which you need in the game.There may be many links availabe for downloading this app.To get the original link for latest version click the link below.


  • The latest version does not require any rooting app or device.
  • It provides many options like deep search,speed hack ,Fuzzy search etc.
  • It can provide details on the resources and other things required for the game.
  • It is updated daily and uses the latest firmware.
  • It includes all the hacks required for the game.

SB Game Hacker Apk download:

                                         You can download the app directly from the official site through the above link.You can also download the version which you require through our website.To download click the below links depending on your need...


It is free from errors,malwares,viruses and other threats.So feel free to download from here.Before downloading check your device compatibility and other features to avoid error.Enjoy your game with SB game hacker and share your experience with your friends.In case of any queries don't hesitate to contact us.